Jeremy Cantor began writing poetry shortly before retiring from a career in laboratory chemistry.  He has cleared tables and washed dishes, made and tested detergents, pharmaceuticals and engine oil additives, driven a forklift, spent time in a full-body acid-proof hazmat suit, tried to keep his fingers working in a walk-in freezer at -40°F and worked behind radiation shielding. He prefers writing.

His poem, “The Nietzsche Contrapositive,” won the Grey Sparrow Journal‘s 2014 Flash & Poetry Competition.  A Leaflet edition of his haiku and senryu, The Owl at Sunset, was recently released by Leaf Press in Vancouver, Canada.  Jeremy’s work has appeared in The Naugatuck River Review, Printer’s Devil Review, Pirene’s Fountain, Glassworks, The Bicycle Review, Prospectus and other publications.

Jeremy was born and raised in Connecticut, attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and now lives with his wife in a small town on a tidal strait connecting the Sacramento River with San Francisco Bay.  There, he goes fishing downtown from the pier at the foot of First Street, while the sun sets behind the bridge and the sea lions dive for salmon.

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