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Before we discuss what to do when you visit a journal’s website, we’d like to thank Clifford Garstang, author of the Pushcart Prize Ranking list, for reminding us about NewPages!  [I’m happy to say his list is back up after having been down for a few days — 25 September 2015] (See Comments, in the column on the right-hand side of the page.)  Here are links to NewPages and four more useful sites:

New Pages where I have often browsed.  There is a lot of information there.  “ is news, information, and guides to literary magazines, independent publishers, creative writing programs, alternative periodicals, indie bookstores, writing contests, and more.”

Winning Writers .  In my “Warning, Scam Alert” post of December 1st I linked to their list of contests to avoid.  They also have a treasure trove of resources, including a free subscription newsletter “The Best Free Literary Contests,” essays on writing and lists of small presses.

Poetry Super Highway for online publication and audio poetry broadcasts, contests and more.  “The mission of the Poetry Super Highway is to expose as many people to as many other people’s poetry as possible. Read poems, submit your poetry for publication, enter our annual poetry contest and peruse our directory of thousands of poetry and writing websites.”

Write Habit lists journals that “regularly publish emerging writers and sometimes publish new writers (emerging meaning writers who have not yet published a book, and new meaning writers who have not yet published in journals)”

and in the UK, United Press, where I discovered a most unusual publication called Poems in the Waiting Room, a quarterly publisher of poetry pamphlets distributed to 1400 National Health Service waiting rooms where they can be seen by 30,000 people annually.  Yes, I said 30,000!  An upbeat poem (I have submitted several) may cheer up a lot of people.


Next we’ll discuss what to do when you visit a journal’s website…

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