The Full Set

as read by Jeremy:

as sung in Robert Gross' setting by Pamela Dellal at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee, accompanied by Michael Manning (piano) and Roy Sansom (recorder):

Why thank you
yes, they are beautiful aren’t they
my grandmother brought them over from Warsaw
they were made in Czechoslovakia, see here underneath
she left because she had to of course
things had just gotten too ugly
she was so happy when she met my grandfather
and so was he, they thought that
now they would be happy, now they would
always have what they
always had been missing
of course they stayed together later
in spite of it all
that’s what people did

No, those are fruit bowls
the others got broken
I only have three and I haven’t been able
to find replacements, not even at those places
where the serious collectors go
they have the big plates and the saucers and
the occasional gravy boat and creamer but
never the pieces I’m looking for
odd, isn’t it
no I don’t think it’s just me not at all
it seems like everybody breaks
the same pieces.

as read by Jeremy (audio only):

as sung by Pamela Dellal (audio only):